Meet Our Editors 


Elizabeth Solis

Major: Pre-Nursing

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Hola! My name is Elizabeth, and I am going to be starting my junior year of college this Fall 2020. My biggest plan is to become a neonatal nurse because I absolutely love helping families, but especially infants and children! Being a local, I was not planning on staying here for school originally but it honestly worked out for the better. I have made so many memories, met tons of incredible people, and taken advantage of the different experiences UNLV has to offer. I would not have it any other way.


I am so excited to share the awesome things our Orientation Leaders and I have prepared for you so that you can make your own college life cheat-sheet. Welcome to the Rebel Family!

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders 2019

Orientation Day can invoke a multitude of emotions: excitement, dread, nervousness, happiness, thrill, and all of them at once. However, there to help you make it through the day and help you situate yourself in UNLV are the Orientation Leaders. Always full of energy and excitement, they are there to make your Orientation Day the best it can be.

Retired Editors

Catelyn Kaufman

Major: Business Human Resource Management with Honors

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


Hey Rebels! My name is Catelyn and I am a student preparing for an PhD with a Juris Doctorate dual degree. College is an amazing world in itself, and it's a little scary. Just in my first year I changed my major three times (Kinesiology to Biology to Business).  My first year was also full of trial and error and many experiences. I ran a Tough Mudder with the Honors College, founded a club, was on the UNLV Ballroom team, and became an Orientation Leader!

Welcome to our amazing Rebel Community.

Major: Secondary Education- Physical Science

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Hello all! My name is Jordan and I am a Senior here at UNLV and wanting to become a high school chemistry or geosceince teacher. College has been an awakening experience for me: I learned how to actually study, I learned how to make friends, and I learned what I wanted to do with my life. College has helped me become a better person overall! Although my first few years of college I didn't do all that much, it wasn't until recently that I got involved. I joined the Orientation Team as a Group Leader and I became a mentor for the PALS Program offered in the College of Education. I hope that my fellow students and myself can help future and current Rebels through their journey here at UNLV.

Go Rebels!

Jordan Dellinger

Michael Schwob

Major: Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science with Honors

Hometown: Henderson, NV

Hallo! My name is Michael, and I am in my second year (of five) preparing for a PhD in Economics/Biostatistics. A local to the Las Vegas valley, I have always had scarlet blood. I am excited to join the rest of the Rebel bloggers and share my experiences at UNLV. As a student worker, Honors student, undergraduate researcher, and student organization founder and president, I look forward to sharing my adventures and hope to hear from your epic Rebel journey. I am sure that you have many questions pertaining to UNLV, the college lifestyle, what Las Vegas is like, and how to prepare for the next step of your life- whether it be a job or graduate school. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Rebel bloggers. We look forward to hearing from you. Auf wiedersehen!

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