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Meet Our Editors 



Bailee Joubert

Major: Hospitality Management (Event Design & Management) with Honors
Hometown: Graham, WA

Hi! My name is Bailee and I am a senior here at UNLV! During my years as a Rebel, I've been very involved and active in the campus community. From joining a sorority to being President of the Rebel Events Board, I've been a part of all types of organizations and I can confidently say that getting involved is the best way to make the most out of your time in college. Get out there and join some clubs, and you'll be surprised by the amount of friends and memories you make! 

I hope you all have as great of a time at UNLV as I have, and if you have any questions about anything we're here to help!
Welcome to UNLV!

Makayla Franklin

Major: Hospitality Management & Minor: Spanish with Honors

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Hey there! My name is Makayla Franklin, and I am currently in my second year here at UNLV. I am very involved on campus, so please do not hesitate to ask any and all questions about how to get involved with campus life! In my free time, I love hanging out with friends, watching sports, and watching rom-coms! I love making new friends and meeting new people, so I am really excited to meet and get to know all of you!


I am so excited to share the amazing experiences and the ins and outs of college to make sure your college experience is the best one yet! Welcome to the Rebel Family!

Orientation Leaders


Orientation Day can invoke a multitude of emotions: excitement, dread, nervousness, happiness, thrill, and all of them at once. However, there to help you make it through the day and help you situate yourself in UNLV are the Orientation Leaders. Always full of energy and excitement, they are there to make your Orientation Day the best it can be.

Retired Editors

Major: Business Human Resource Management with Honors

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


Hey Rebels! My name is Catelyn and I am currently a student at Boyd Law School College after graduating from UNLV as a Business Major. University is an amazing world in itself, and it's a little scary. Just my first year I changed my major three times (Kinesiology to Biology to Business). My years were full of experiences, trials, and errors that grew me into the person I am today. So try everything. Work hard today, but play hard too. 

Welcome to our amazing Rebel Community.


Catelyn Kaufman


Jordan Dellinger

Major: Secondary Education- Physical Science

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Hello all! My name is Jordan and I am a Senior here at UNLV and wanting to become a high school chemistry or geosceince teacher. College has been an awakening experience for me: I learned how to actually study, I learned how to make friends, and I learned what I wanted to do with my life. College has helped me become a better person overall! Although my first few years of college I didn't do all that much, it wasn't until recently that I got involved. I joined the Orientation Team as a Group Leader and I became a mentor for the PALS Program offered in the College of Education. I hope that my fellow students and myself can help future and current Rebels through their journey here at UNLV.

Go Rebels!

Major: Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science with Honors

Hometown: Henderson, NV

Graduated: Spring 2021

As a UNLV alumn, Michael sports a Rebel-lious heart, having worked in the Office of Admissions, Academic Success Center, Office of Undergraduate Research, and various departments on campus. During his time at UNLV, Michael obtained a B.S. in Mathematics and co-wrote six published manuscripts, leading to his reception of the Goldwater Scholarship, the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and the Outstanding Graduate designation at commencement. He also engaged in rap battles with classmates, occasionally acted as the university's mascot, and played intramural soccer; Michael claims that these are the memories he cherishes from his time at UNLV. 


Now, Michael is pursuing a doctoral degree in statistics at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is learning to line dance and enjoying the world's best BBQ. Despite having left the UNLV campus, Michael hopes to return to UNLV as a professor in the mathematics and statistics department.

Michael Schwob

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