Want to join a club? Greek Life? Here's how to get involved at UNLV

If you were to ask me what my biggest regret was when I first got to UNLV, I would immediately, without hesitation, tell you that it was not getting involved right away.

Getting involved is one of the best ways to ensure you with make your college experience memorable. Getting involved doesn't always mean you have to join a club or go through Greek Life recruitment. No, no, no... You can get involved in so many other ways!

Here are some ways you can get involved at UNLV:

1. Join one of our 300+ clubs or organizations.

Some of our clubs include: the Society of Lightsaber Duelists (SOLD), the Black Student Organization, the Kinesiology Club, the Mario Party Wars club, Steve Buscemi/Pizza Enthusiast Group, and so many others.

2. Going through formal Greek Life Recruitment.

For more information, visit our Greek Life post

3. Find an on-campus job!

Many of our on-campus positions can be found in places like the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, front desk at some of the advising centers, Lied Library, the Student Union, and so much more. By getting an on-campus job, you'll have the chance the meet new people and possibly go to more on-campus events that you would've before. You can visit HireARebel careerlink!

4. Join a service organization!

For more information, visit our service organization post.

5. Get an internship.

Some people may think that internships are just tedious and mandatory, but a lot of students who get internships find their place in a community, which can really make their college experience.

6. Join a Research Lab!

Academics have fun too!

7. Try something new!

You can do it!

Getting involved will make your college experience more than just going to class, work, and back home. Make friends, join a club, get a job, make your experience great. You won't regret it.

For some highlights about different social events on campus, be sure to visit our blog throughout the year.