Want to Learn How to Set Yourself Up for Academic Success? Learn More About the Academic Success Cen

What's happening this semester over at the ASC?

This semester, the ASC will be putting on various workshops as a part of their Academic Success Series that are designed to assist students through very common academic struggles. Each semester, the Academic Success Series will change, for more information visit: https://www.unlv.edu/asc/coaching

Often times, students find themselves struggling midway through a semester around midterms, or even at the very end right before finals. The ASC is the tool UNLV students can use to cut down on a lot of the stress midway through or at the end of a semester. The ASC coaches are trained to help students study efficiently and effectively, while managing their time better.

As a current student, I absolutely regret going to the ASC so late in my undergraduate career. My very first visit wasn't until I was beginning my junior year of study and they were able to enlighten me on a lot of the skills that I did not know I needed and they were able to help me fix my academic flaws before it was too late.

As a student who has been through it, the ASC is not anything that can hurt your academic career, instead, it is something that may be able to enhance your studies, grades, and so much more. Going to any of the workshops won't hurt you, if anything, it will improve you.

Here are the dates of these sessions the fall 2017 semester, so be sure to check some out if you seem to be a student struggling in any of these areas!