What is a Preprofessional Society and Why Might It Help Me?

When you hear the words "preprofessional," you might be thinking: Medical School, Dental School, Physical Therapy School, Law School, etc. Other people might not know what the term implies at all. When you get to college, and decide what you want to do with your future, you will really begin to understand what it means to be apart of a preprofessional major.

At UNLV, pre-professional societies are organizations create to support personal and professional development through a student's chosen field. By being a part of a pre-professional society at UNLV, students have the opportunity to network, volunteer in the community, participate in mentorship programs, attend seminar and lectures of well-established persons in their industry or field, and so much more.

Many of theses societies at UNLV aim to prepare students for their future in academics or the working world.

For instance, one of our many societies at UNLV, Association of Pre-Health Professionals (APHP), specifically provide "an outlet to networking with healthcare professionals, opportunities to professional schools, and philanthropic service within the Las Vegas community." Many PRE Nursing majors will apply to APHP in hopes of finding opportunities for networking and volunteering that will better prepare them for their applications to Nursing School.

APHP isn't the only organization, others exist. Including, Alpha Epsilon Delta — Pre-Health Honor Society, UNLV Pre-Dental Society, Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), American Marketing Association, American Society for Civil Engineers, UNLV Chapter, Criminal Law Society, Kinesiology Club of UNLV, Student Association of Graphic Artists, and so many others.

As time goes on, we hope to showcase many of our societies at UNLV. For information about different societies, you may speak with an academic advisor in your college, who should have more information about the options for you in your field, or perhaps visiting the Office of Student Engagement and Diversity to see what societies exist across the board as Register Student Organizations at UNLV.

For now, visit: https://involvementcenter.unlv.edu/organizations