Want to continue community service and outreach at UNLV? Learn more about UNLVolunteers

UNLVolunteers is a student-led organization, where students work together to serve the community and promote community awareness. Their mission includes values of promoting positive community change, social justice, and providing meaningful service.

If you or someone you know enjoys being a member of a volunteer organization, this might be just the place for you. UNLVolunteers works with students, faculty, and staff to impact 5 different areas, including: "environment, hunger and homelessness, youth and education, health, and general programs including marketing, outreach, and DASH."

UNLVolunteers is an organization where you can not only build your resume and earn rapport, but more importantly, give back to the community and help make a difference.

If you are interested in joining, here are a few different ways you can:

1. Volunteer for a few events: You may volunteer for certain events through your Involvement Center on your MyUNLV account.

2. Become an official member: You must become a member and attend at least four events.

3. Join the Executive Board: You can join their team as a Coordinator or Committee member, which include attending retreats once a semester, attending weekly meetings, and helping with at least 3 events per semester.

4. For more information, contact serve@unlv.edu to set up an appointment.

UNLVolunteers is just one of many ways to give back to the community. More organizations and events coming your way soon!