Major Spotlight: Architecture

Hi everyone, my name is Lyric Evans! I am finishing up my second year at UNLV, pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Architecture. The School of Architecture allows students to major in one of three areas: General Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Landscape Architecture. The program has been growing over the years, and this past year, the school has made so many awesome advancements, which completely steps up their game!

Over the last two years we have participated in the Solar Decathlon, where we competed to build an energy efficient building. In the process, we learn how to use a whole array of computer programs, many of which professionals utilize in the field. We also learn how to use the tools and machinery in our wood shop, which gives us the skills we will need in the future. Professors are constantly developing our projects to ensure they are fun, hands on, and essential in developing our imaginative minds. Part of this process is exposing us to new mediums and materials.

In a short amount of time, we have already built models out of wood, carved models out of blocks of glycerin soap, made 3-D abstract models from a flat piece of paper, used foam core, and so much more. Just recently, I even learned how to use the laser cutter to make models out of chipboard and Plexiglas!

People often forget, as Architecture majors, we are part of the College of Fine Arts. Thus, our professors push us to know not only how to use a computer, but to develop skills by hand, whilst identifying key elements of design and translation of ideas. It is very common to see this done through both drawing and building.

Students taking laser-cut, chip board landscapes to build one big island.

Part of keeping us engaged and excited is keeping our projects rooted from central, unique themes. Last fall, we were assigned a sea creature, for which we had to take elements from and apply to an architectural design. At the end of the fall, we held an exhibition, where all of our projects throughout the semester were displayed, and critics that we invited both from the school and architecture community in firms around Las Vegas to give us feedback.

This Spring, we were assigned a book, which we pulled landscape descriptions from to use in the projects. Students' work will also be featured in a publication at the end of this semester.

Not only are the professors really awesome at doing things that will build our skill and motivation, but the class culture is so supportive. When you approach a studio of three classes collaborating together, you expect competition. I was pleasantly surprised when all of us became very close, very fast. Everyone is always encouraging each other to succeed and trying to help each other, whether that be giving advice, sharing where they found the best brand of glue, or helping someone five minutes before class assemble a model they didn’t have enough time to finish!

It’s a great program and was the perfect fit for me. I feel supported, I feel passionate about my field, and I feel like I’m going to finish with a well-rounded education that will help me be the best I can be.

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