The Experience of an Exploring Major

Entering college with uncertainty of a major was a very overwhelming experience for me. I struggled with concerns of wasting time and money plagued my mind when submitting my application. I was concerned with how I’d fit within college without a major. However, once I went to New Student Orientation at UNLV and saw how students like me were aided and supported, my concerns were put to rest.

Students having a blast at New Student Orientation

This first thing that started to make me feel comfortable is that UNLV does not label students who are undecided as “undeclared,” but rather “exploring”. This is because the word "exploring" connotes that a student is actively searching for a major. This allows a student who may feel lost, to feel a sense of belonging in the university. When a student is an Exploring major at UNLV, they go through their first few semesters with a purpose of discovering the best major for them. When I was taking classes my first two years, I took a lot of my general education, while also taking introductory classes into majors I was interested in.

When a student is in the Exploring Majors program, UNLV pairs every student with an advisor from the Academic Success Center who works with the student to help guide them in discovering the best major for them. During my advising appointments, I’d let my advisor know what majors I was interested in and they would suggest classes that would put my foot in the door for those majors. These classes also happened to fulfill undergraduate requirements that were needed for different types of degrees at UNLV, not just one. After a few semesters of exploring different majors and classes, I came to the conclusion that Biology was the major for me.

A majority of students entering any college are exploring majors, even if they have chosen a major by their first semester. A lot of students don’t know all the majors offered at their school, or even what each major consists of. Here at UNLV, students are encouraged and supported to explore so that they can find the best major that works for them.

I am so happy to have started my undergraduate career as an Exploring Major, I was offer ample support and encouraged to discover my true calling: biology. If you have any questions about what it's like to be an Exploring Major, send me a message in Connect with a Rebel, and I'll be happy to help!