UNLV Bucket List (10 things to do before you graduate)

1. Talk at the echo spot

At the very end of campus, right outside the Paul McDermott Physical Education Complex (MPE), there is a special spot known as the Echo Spot where, if you stand in the very center of the bricked-off circle, you (and only you) can hear your voice echo around you. It is a great spot to practice speeches in order to hear yourself speaking. Even if you don't have a speech to practice, it’s a cool place to check out at least once during your time here at UNLV.

2. Sit in the student section at a basketball game

The Rebellion is UNLV’s student section for home sporting events- join them during the next game you attend and meet a ton of other rebels!

3. Visit the therapy dogs during study week.

Every semester during study week, the Lied Library brings in therapy dogs for “'Paws' For A Study Break," where students can get help to relieve stress and test anxiety by playing with dogs!

4. Get food from every on-campus vendor (including food trucks)

If you are going to be at UNLV for the next few years of your life, try to spice up what you’re eating. There are so many different dining options from OMING’S food truck to Steak and Shake in the Student Union, so you will never be sick of the food here on campus.

5. Visit the wellness zone (and massage chairs!)

There are so many different resources in the Rebel Wellness Zone on the second floor of the SRWC. One of the most popular is the free massage chairs. Treat yourself to a nice massage at least once while here at UNLV- you deserve it!

6. Tailgate a UNLV football game

Student tailgates are very popular at football games- especially the annual Rebel Block Party, which has food, music, and drinks before cheering on our Rebels!

7. Join a club

With over 350 student organizations on campus, there is bound to be something that sparks your interest. Take a look at the list of organizations or visit the Office of Student Activities and Involvement on the third floor of the Student Union to get some more information on the different ways to get involved on campus.

8. Meet Hey Reb!

If you didn’t get the chance to meet him at New Student Orientation, you can catch our mascot at every basketball game, football game, and sometimes roaming around campus. Don’t be afraid to say a quick "hello" and catch a photo with him!

9. Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to get an experience out of your comfort zone and in a world completely different than UNLV. Visit the Study Abroad office in the CBC-B building to speak with a counselor on possible study abroad options or scholarships available to study abroad.

10. Try and fail at something...

Now is the time to try new things and sometimes fail! College is all about finding yourself and discovering more than you’ve ever known before. By the end of your college experience, you will have learned many lessons (some academic, but most nonacademic). This is the time for you to see what it is like to fail at something. Failing at something is great because it makes you a wiser and stronger person, so don’t be afraid to fail a time or two in college. Plus, it makes for great stories.