Senior Capstones - Hospitality Hall

“Come enjoy themed décor, unique foods, and specialty drinks!”

Hospitality students are working hard to show off the skills they have been learning over their entire collegiate careers. With this comes their senior project, also known as a Senior Capstone. These specialty lunches and dinners are planned, prepared, and cooked by the students themselves. The front and back of the house are managed by students, the drinks at the bar are prepared by (legal-aged) students, and everyone working the floor that day are enrolled hospitality management majors! Each capstone meal comes with THREE courses - an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. What makes this project even better is that these meals can cost as little as $10 for ALL THREE courses! We have seen so many different and creative ideas over the years. We have had dive bar, Italian, Hawaiian, and mac n’ cheese-themed restaurants.

One of our Hospitality Management graduates, Peyton, chose her theme as the “Ohana Sports Bar.” Peyton is an out-of-state student from Pearl City, Hawaii and decided to share her local cuisine here with us!

Here is Peyton’s menu that she created with her team. There are always options from which the students can choose!

Peyton, whom was the general manager for her project, helped her team find and taste recipes for the menu they decided on. A lot of time (and food) was put into this portion of her project!

More often than not, these capstone projects are really popular. Peyton had a full house from opening to closing.

Capstone Projects only happen for a couple weeks throughout each semester, so be sure to plan ahead and check the meal times and themes to support your fellow Rebels!