Who wants money? (Hire a Rebel)

It's college. Most of us aren't living our most lavish life. We have classes, textbooks, Hydro Flasks, and manicures to pay for. So, how can we make some money?

HIRE A REBEL is UNLV Career Service's awesome answer.

The employee portal- or the "cha-ching machine"- connects UNLV students, employers, and alumni. You log-in to your student profile using your NSHE number and password. Once logged in, you get access to hundreds of job postings only accessible to UNLV students. As of this morning, there were a total of 956 job postings.

There are jobs on-campus, off-campus, industries from biotech manufacturing to accounting, and part-time or full-time positions. You can apply search filters, so you can see what jobs are best for your schedule, interests, and time-commitment. When you find positions that you like, you can view the qualifications, the requested documents (usually, you'll be required to include a resume), and much more information.

(In a later post, we will discuss the many resume workshops available on campus. This way, you can figure out how to market yourself and your talents to find the most compatible job and employer for you.)

So, here is the link to the UNLV Career Services page. Good luck in your job hunt, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Make some money, pay some debts, and treat yourself.