How Not to Procrastinate

Procrastination is every college students’ weak spot. There are so many things that sound way better than studying and doing homework. Don’t worry- you are not the only one! All students, including myself, struggle with putting aside time to study, writing essays, and doing little assignments. Sometimes, students get stressed out and decide that doing homework would not be the best decision for that moment, and we just push it off until the last minute. But have no fear; I have a few tips that I would like to share that helped me not to procrastinate!

1) Use a calendar!

Visualizing the next few weeks and seeing exactly what assignments are due is helpful. Not only can you input due dates, but you can also write down what days you should be doing your assignments, and it will help you set aside days specifically for homework.

3) Use a timer!

Using a timer will help those of you who have trouble staying focused while in study mode. You can start doing your homework and set a timer for an hour to see how much work you can get done. After the hour is up, take a ten-minute break to get a snack, or get up and stretch. After your break, get back to work! Do this as many times needed to finish your assignment. This is helpful because, instead of sitting at a desk for 3 hours, you get mini breaks to relax your mind for a few minutes.

3) Set goals!

Setting goals can help get your mind motivated and on track. For example, if you finish your assignment before 6pm, you can reward yourself by playing a video game before starting a new assignment. Another example of setting goals: if you are able to finish all of your weekly assignments on time, treat yourself, watch a movie, or buy that dress you have been waiting to buy!

I hope these little tips help you out in the future. I know college can be hard, but you will get through it! Don’t forget to use all your free resources on campus, and ask professors and friends for help as well. Good luck everyone!