UNLV: Five Places to Take Pictures for Your Dry Instagram

We all get that impulse about a month or two before school starts. We start to plan the first week of outfits for school, matching our belts with our shoes. We've all been there. But I've come to realize this: what’s the point of slaying outfits if no one can see them? Below are five places to pose, for your next eye-catching picture.

1. Hey Reb! Statue

Located outside of the Richard Tam Alumni Center (TAC) is the classic Hey Reb! Statue. The statue was donated to UNLV in 2007 by alumni Chip and Helen Johnson. Legend has it that if you rub his mustache you’ll have good luck. Maybe enough luck to get another follower or two.

2. Student Services Complex (SSC-B)

Professionally, these buildings are used for family tours, financial aid, and applying for graduation. However, in the center of this building complex, is a small seating area in a dirt lot. The natural lighting and pops of red, are a perfect match for your rebel inspired style.

3. Jerry Tarkanian Statue

This immortalized statue rests between the Thomas and Mack and The Cox Pavilion. This statue was created to commemorate the epic Runnin’ Rebels Basketball team's coach in 2013. Located next to the statue is a special bronze chair which makes for great photo ops.

4. John S. Wright Hall (WRI)

This building is home-sweet-home to the anthropology, history, and political science departments. But few know, high up and secluded, is not only an outdoor patio and eating area, but a great view of our school. From the patio, you can see both the Student Union and the Flora Dungan Humanities Building. Pictures up here pleased all two of my followers.

5. Hospitality Building (HOS)

The brand new 2018 Hospitality Building is a shining location to take photos. With a long wooden indoor stairwell and lush chairs to pose (or sit) in, this building is no stranger to elegance. On the top floor of this four-story chrome building, is a mouth dropping view of the strip that is open for exploration and photography.

As you go through your school year, I hope you get to use all of these aesthetic places to spice up your Instagram. Show off those bomb outfits, as you show off our beautiful campus. Have fun, slay your page, and tag me!