Should You Double Major?

Whether or not a student should double major is a question I get asked daily. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that attending college is time-consuming and difficult, yet full of new experiences and opportunities. Once the decision to enroll is made, choosing a single major is already a difficult choice for many students. To further add to the complexity of collegiate choices, some students choose to have multiple majors.

At UNLV and throughout the country, students are deciding to study multiple subjects and earn multiple degrees. I myself am one such student. Double majoring is definitely more work and incredibly time-consuming, but for the right student, it may be a rewarding decision.

Should you take the leap and add an additional major? Here are some things to know before signing up as a double major.

What Are Your Motivations?

As we mentioned earlier, narrowing down your area of study to a first major can already be difficult. Don't feel the need to add another major if there aren't additional areas that you are interested in. Having one major in a field that you are interested in and excelling in your studies is far better than adding a second major of little interest to you just to have two degrees.

How Are Your Time Management and Study Skills?

With additional majors comes additional responsibility. By increasing your number of majors, you will also increase your amount of time in the classroom and your time spent studying. This may cause time constraints, hindering your ability to complete assignments and engage in extracurricular activities. Your time management skills will be a deciding factor in your success. Again, it may be better to shine in one area than attempt to split your time between two.

Are You Looking for New Opportunities?

Having multiple majors can expose you to ideas, subjects, and careers that you otherwise may not have experienced. Studying varied disciplines also means you'll interact with more students and faculty members. If you perform well in all of your majors, you can gain access to UNLV's honor societies. Having multiple majors opens doors to various honor societies. These organizations provide scholarships, internships, and career opportunities to their members.

You Don't Have to Figure it Out On Your Own.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas is home to amazing advisors across all disciplines. If you're considering becoming a double major, seek guidance from your advisor. They will be able to help you plan your classes so the courses you take are relevant to your goals. Additionally, they may offer suggestions about majors that compliment each other. Having someone to help you navigate majors is a key element of success.

If you have clear career goals in mind and believe that pursuing multiple degrees will help you achieve them, perhaps double majoring is for you. However, if you're not sure what you want to study, or are apprehensive about taking on an additional workload, it is perfectly acceptable to take the traditional route of a single major.