Festival of Communities

One thing that UNLV is very proud of, and something you most likely know, is the fact that we are ranked the #1 most diverse university in the nation. It does not take long before one walks to a random place on campus to see just that, but if you REALLY want to see the epitome of our diversity, consider going to the Festival of Communities!

If you like anything that deals with other cultures, whether that is crafts, entertainment, or food, then this festival is right up your alley. The Festival of Communities is a yearly event that highlights the culture of our many international/multicultural student organizations. Each organization has a booth, where they have something that highlights their culture. The primary reason that I went was for food (of course). But seriously, food is a great way to share a piece of your culture and simply have a good time with others.

From my memory, I ate quite a bit of food at last year's festival. I ate Ethiopian samosas, Mexican elote, cut up watermelon with chile and lime, a Middle Eastern dish I cannot remember, another thing I cannot remember, another samosa (Indian though!), mango lassi, and possibly some other thing.

Oh, and there are other organizations there. For example, I got to see some cute service dogs!

My friends and I also saw cool performances and fun crafts to do. So, if you like anything that deals with creativity and food, consider coming to the Festival of Communities and seeing the hard work that cultural-based organizations do to highlight one reason that makes UNLV so great.

Zulma Areco

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: Public Health