Making Friends as easy as C.C.C

Social Interaction: One of the biggest fears that many of us have, especially as we are starting college.

~ At such a large school like UNLV, with over 30,000+ students (25,000 of which are undergraduates), it can seem intimidating to make friends. There are so many possible people to make friends with, but will you find a group that you fit in with? Is there a place for you? What if you are coming with no one at all, can you still make friends? The answer to all of the above questions is YES!

For those of us who didn’t come with friends or wanted to make new friends our solution was probably to sit silently and not talk to anybody. That's how to make friends… right? I’m going to probably say the answer to that is no… Sadly enough to make friends you need to actually interact (*shiver*). But luckily for you, the three C’s of this guide will easily explain where and how to find friends.

1. Classes: It’s often a slap in the face when suddenly the same 100+ people in your grade aren’t in all of your classes. The experience of not seeing a single familiar face within the first week of classes can come as a shock; but not to worry because the people you see in your classes you probably will start to see around, a lot. As a freshman, it can be intimidating to try to make a friend in a classroom with 200+ seats. However, try saying hi to the people sitting next to you.

We all are uncomfortable at first, but we all struggle in that said class together. Finding a partner (or even being forced into partnerships) to do homework with or even just talk about the class is a good first way to make contact. Exchange each others numbers even if it's for that awkward “Hey, can you send me a pic of the hw?” Study groups are also great ways to make connections for people start dragging other people along and before you know it, you are introduced to people you didn’t know existed in your class. Furthermore, if the class is one of the prerequisites for your major; you bet you’ll see all those people again! All of you have to take the same classes to get that major and trust me, you’ll start to get to know the 200 (or more!) people who are in the same major as you. All of you are struggling just the same, and thankfully at UNLV, most of us want all of us to succeed.

2. Clubs: Clubs are always advertised as a way to make friends. To be honest, it actually kinda works. The clubs you chose to go into based on interest are filled with people who have that same interest (or are trying something new!).

Shared interests (or similar hatreds >:) ) are the best things to bond people. You can make friends with tons of people from all different majors/years through clubs (and this includes greek life). People in clubs also often like to hang-out after club meetings. Such hangouts are the beginnings of hangouts outside of school. If you are new to campus, having friends with upperclassmen also shows you tons of new opportunities, places to go/eat at, and things to do. So make some time and go to a club. If you want to be introduced to some of the 300+ clubs at UNLV stop by the Involvement Fair at the start of every semester. Even if you don’t make any friends a first meeting, you can still have a ton of fun, and don’t worry; the relationships will build.

3. Campus: The UNLV campus is huge and so is this category! There are so many places where you can meet people and suddenly become friends. The gym (especially the group classes!) is a great way to get those endorphins up and make memories. The Student Union is a central point for tons of students. Who doesn’t love food??

Another awesome part about the Student Union is the Game Room within it. From the free games to the TVs with video games, you are always welcome to just stop by and play. If you see someone in a game you want to play, just ask to join and boom, you are now acquaintances! The library, though most people use it for studying, can also build connections. Whether you meet there for a group study or tutoring, you definitely will meet new people. If you live on campus, you’ll get to know your neighbors real quick (for better or worse). Finally, there are the free events. (Yes! Free Stuff!)

~ So yes, this campus is huge. There are tons of people. But that means there are tons of opportunities and people to become friends with. Live spontaneously, don’t close yourself off, and take that big step to say hey! You’ll be surprised how many of us just want someone to say hi.

Catelyn Kaufman

Orientation Leader

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Hometown: Las Vegas