The Social Hub on Campus

Whether you’re a new student who hasn’t been around campus much, or you’re a returning who’s just forgot all of the amenities and facilities offered, our Student Union is a place everyone should really stop by every once in a while! In terms of food and drink the SU offers: Jamba Juice, SoHo Sushi Burrito, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Steak and Shake, Subway, and more. What many people don’t know about our SU is that we have a P. O. D Market which is like UNLV’s very own 7-11. The P.O.D Market has everything a convenience store would have including ready to go meals, snacks, coffee machines, and drinks.

The SU isn’t just a cafeteria, it’s also a great place for meeting friends both old and new. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped by a friend from a previous semester or a friend from high school while just walking through the facility. You can meet your friends, grab a bite to eat, then head over to the Game Room to relax until your next class.

The Game Room is located along the same wall as the Jamba Juice and P.O.D. Market. In the Game Room you can hang out on the couch and watch your friend play some pool or ping pong, or you can get your groove on and play the few arcade-style video games that are located in the Game Room. The Game Room is a great place to socialize and hang out, or you could join a club instead of spending your time here instead!

Also located in our SU are our 300+ clubs and organizations as well as CSUN. Clubs are a great way to meet new people who have similar interests as you. There are clubs for almost everything. There is a pizza eating club, two Disney clubs, a lightsaber duelist club, a french club… I think you get the picture. CSUN is our student body government at UNLV. Joining CSUN means you get to help influence UNLV through your respective college as well as find friends that are apart of different colleges.

To all the new rebels out there, take advantage of all of the amazing experiences offered here at UNLV!

Christian Go, Junior

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

High School: Bonanza High School

Major: Pre-Nursing