PEX Courses

Have you heard of the Freshman 15? Let me tell you, IT IS REAL. For you out there that don’t know about the term, it is given to the freshman class because in the first year of college, students will usually eat more than usual and not exercise as much, thus gaining weight (usually about 15 pounds). As new college students, we like to try every place around campus, and don’t care about what we eat because “we are working hard, and we deserve it”. However, there’s something that might help you not break the scale through the semester.

Physical Education Program (PEX) courses are activity based academic credit courses offered on campus. It gives you the opportunity to exercise while earning credits towards your degree. Some of the courses offered are Backpacking and Camping, Swimming, Fitness Walking, Zumba, Basketball, Soccer, and even Tai Chi (yeah, I don’t know what it is but it sounds cool). My first semester, I decided to take Total Body Conditioning for Women. The course is designed to “teach women exercise methods that will help them improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and agility” . Nothing too bad right?

Oh let me tell you, this is how I thought I look like:

When in reality it was like this:

My intention was to take the class for fun, and get rid of 1 credit from my degree requirements. However, the class provides way more. It gives an opportunity to make new friendships, learn how to work out, and even loose some weight. Not only that, but it makes you go to class and actually do stuff in order to earn a good grade. The first few weeks will be tough, you will want to quit, or say “I can’t do it”, but just as your english and math courses, you are capable of doing it. Just hang in there, and don’t let the Freshman 15 come for you.

Adriana Batiz

Orientation Leader

Grade: Senior

Major: Information Management

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico