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The Latest and Greatest "Social Media"

Look, I know I never checked my email before I came to college like many of you. Mostly because there was just TOO many emails and usually it was only Forever21 and El Pollo Loco sending coupons that I never end up using. But now it’s time to grow up and realize that you will have to check your email very often. Now, I have found myself checking my email just as much as I check Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. I treat it like its a new addicting social media app. However, unlike most social media apps, this one gives you important information.


Once you receive your rebel email, link it to your phone or somewhere you know that you could always have access to checking it. Also, make sure to put it on your home screen so you have quick and easy access to it. By putting it on your home screen, not only are you more likely to check it, but (if you are anything like me) having those dots in the corner will annoy you enough to check on it.

Rebelmail is one of the primary ways you will receive official University communication. Don't miss out on important information about campus deadlines, major campus events, and announcements.

Professors also use rebelmail to send out important information such as dates, exam/quiz info, reminders and class cancellations. It would suck for you to be the only person to miss and memo for an exam or show up to a canceled class all because you checked Instagram instead of your rebelmail.

Trust me you don’t want to miss out!

Remember that your RebelMail is (mostly) your only way to communicate on campus with not only professors and faculty members, but also with other students. Make RebelMail your new social hub!


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