Taking on a Minor

Have you ever been interested in learning about something from another major but felt like taking an extra class that wouldn’t really benefit you academically? Why not take on a minor?!

Here at UNLV, there are over 80 minors that you can choose from, provided through each of the different colleges.

Maybe you’re a biology major but you also really like exploring film. Maybe you’re a history major but you’re interested in mathematics. You can declare a minor that is completely unrelated to your major and by completing your program, you are given recognition in both distinctions.

"Oh really?"

By declaring a minor, you are able to take classes within a specific college that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to take as a non-major. For example, let’s say you wanted to take more in-depth classes in music technology, beyond those of basic music theory, but those classes are only available to music majors. By declaring a music minor, the hold is taken off of your account, allowing you to enroll in the higher level class.

From personal experience, being an engineering major (for example) can be a bit overwhelming, but I’ve always had a love for the performing arts. In my first semester, I knew that I wanted to get some college experience in the world of theater. I walked into the College of Fine Arts’ drop-in advising hours and spoke immediately with an advisor. I told them that I wanted to declare a minor in theater and just like that, I was given full access to a whole list of theater classes that we not available to me before. By declaring this minor, not only do I get to learn about something else I am interested in, but I get to do so without the commitment of another degree.

Let’s face it, one degree can take time and cost a lot of money, but a minor allows you to freely explore and tailor your learning experience. I personally use my theater minor as a way to alleviate some of the pressure of engineering classes, providing a balance of self interest and my actual major focus. I don’t regret taking on a minor at all and I feel like everyone should try it out! The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work out and you can always drop it if completely necessary!

Alex Ignacio

Orientation Leader

Grade: Senior

Major: English with concentration in Creative Writing

Highschool: Southwest Career and Technology Academy