Resources for Students

Dear Incoming Students: Here’s a (Mostly) Comprehensive List of Resources, Facilities, and Services Included in Your Tuition

So! You’re here at UNLV. On your Orientation day, you were introduced to lots of services available to you and hopefully you remember all of it! If you didn’t that’s okay too (it was a LONG day for everyone there…) Either way, this comprehensive list might be of some help to you.

1.) The Student Recreation and Wellness Center

It’s a big building! The SRWC is four floors of recreation and wellness (yes, really). Let’s start with recreation. Maybe you like swimming! Maybe you like hitting the woah while you’re running on a 1/8th mile track. If this is the case, you’re in luck! As long as you’re taking at least 4 credits during the spring/fall semesters, your access to the gym part of the SRWC is included in your tuition. This means you can use all of the cardio machines, the weight machines, the basketball courts, the racquetball courts, the swimming pools, the 1/8th mile running track, and the equipment check-out station. Your dreams of hitting the woah while running can finally come true!

Now for wellness. You can check out Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and even get 6 sessions with a counselor for no extra cost! CAPS also holds a lot of events throughout the semester that you can check out. You can also see a registered dietician and use their massage chairs provided through the Rebel Wellness Zone! The Student Health Center is available to students but it is not included in tuition. However, keep an eye out! Sometimes they have free flu shots!

2.) The Academic Success Center

Sometimes, a subject may get the best of us. Sometimes, classes are tough! Or if you’re like me, maybe time management is something you struggle with. That’s okay! Here, at UNLV, the goal is for every student to do well. Thankfully, the Academic Success Center (ASC) is available for students to help them do well! The ASC has a variety of services that are available to students for no extra cost! Some examples are tutoring, Academic Success coaching, and supplemental instruction (SI).

Tutoring is content-specific, so you can get help with math, biology, chemistry, French, and a variety of other topics. Academic Success coaching is for other skills that will help you, such as time management, organization, test taking strategies, and so on. Finally, supplemental instruction is similar to group study sessions, but it’s run by a student who has taken your class with your instructor before. In SI, you might do example problems, or your SI leader might go over important concepts with the group. It all depends on the class and the leader. These services are offered to you for no extra charge, so make sure you take advantage of it if you can.

3.) The Writing Center

Essays are tough to write, huh? They can be, but luckily the Writing Center is here to help! Folks at the Writing Center can help you write an outline for your essay, suggest changes to things you’ve already written, proofread, and edit your essay! You need to schedule an appointment for a writing consultation, but they also have a drop-in option where you can ask quick questions! Maybe you’re not writing an essay; maybe you’re writing a scientific paper, or maybe you’re writing a resume. The Writing Center can help with that too! Aren’t we lucky!

4.) Career Services

Speaking of resumes, where do you go if you want to get a job? I’m glad you asked! Scheduling an appointment with Career Services means you can talk to someone about jobs that might be suited to your major or your interests! It also means you can get assistance with interviews, like how to answer interview questions or advice on what to wear. Career Services also helps with internships! During the regular semester, keep your eye out for the Career Fairs that Career Services hosts as well!

5.) Other Services

If I had a section for every resource available to students on campus, this list would probably be 10 pages long. So other resources available to students are the following:

  • Disability Resource Center

  • Veterans Services

  • Research Consultation and Research Librarians

There’s a lot to take advantage of here at UNLV, so make sure you pay close attention on Orientation Day! If you don’t, there’s always the UNLV website with all of the information available!

Emarose Ahmed, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

High School: Northwest Career and Technical Academy

Major: Chemistry