Get to know CSUN!

Through funding student organizations, working on projects to improve the health and safety of our campus, and even having giveaways for free concert tickets, CSUN is there for you. This short list is only the beginning of what CSUN (the student government at UNLV) does! At the end of the day, your elected officials are working to represent your interests. CSUN closely resembles the model of our federal government with three branches (executive, legislative, and judicial). You may hear our president speaking at various events on campus, such as Welcome Day, or read the emails that they send to your RebelMail.

Each of the nine academic colleges on campus is also represented by senators. The number of senators that each college receives is dependent on the number of students that are enrolled in that college, but every college is guaranteed at least one senator. That means that no matter what degree you are seeking, you are being represented. CSUN also has a Judicial Council to ensure that your representatives are staying faithful to our Constitution and Bylaws.

CSUN may sound a little overwhelming, but the main goal of this body is to ensure that students understand that they represent the greater good. If you ever have any concerns about our campus, feel free to reach out to one of your officials! They are always here to help you. They can provide money for the clubs you join, make the campus a safer place, and even put on fun events! Rebel Ragers in Pida Plaza are always a fun time.

If you want to know more about what CSUN does, follow @unlvcsun on Instagram and Twitter! Aside from knowing what is being done to improve our campus, you can also stay up to date on free concert giveaways.

As you go through your your journey at UNLV, you will learn to fall in love with this campus. However, if you have any questions or concerns along the way, feel free to hit up representatives of CSUN! That is what your elected officials are here for.

Olivia Cheche, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

High School: Desert Oasis High School

Major: Political Science