Puppies in the Library

University of Nevada Las Vegas has puppies in the library! Get excited, UNLV offers a chance for students to see a therapy dog also known as puppies in the library. A therapy dog is provided to give us affection, comfort, and love and to help us with difficult situations or stressful environments and just give us a moment to whine down and feel happy for a moment.

Therapy animals are a way for people in lonely, stressful, or traumatic situations that might not be able to own pets to share in the health benefits. Communication with a therapy dog has been shown to reduce blood pressure, provide physical stimulation and assist with pain management. A visiting therapy dog promotes greater self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers.

A growing number of colleges across the country offer pet therapy programs that bring therapy dogs to students that need a break from the pressures of school. Many college students are living away from home for the first time and appreciate the comfort brought by therapy dogs, and UNLV is one of these colleges.

When ever you wanna see the dogs here at UNLV http://www.unlv.edu/event/therapy-dogs Just like most events here at UNLV This event is free and open to UNLV students, faculty and staff.

Event Location Amargosa Room

Building Name Lied Library

Building Link http://www.unlv.edu/maps/llb

Are you gonna go see the dogs during finals week? They're waiting for you :D

Tajah Ware , Sophomore

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

High School: Mojave High School

Major: Kinesiology