Top Tips For Surviving Finals Week

Start Studying Early

My number one tip for surviving finals week is to start studying early. Pulling all nighters to cram for your 8:30 AM exams might seem like a good idea at the time, but once all the Red Bull wears off, how much of that information will you really remember? If you implement a good study routine that consists of reviewing past material while learning the new material, you won’t be as stressed about having cram a semester's worth of material into a few days (or hours).

Step Away From The Ramen

Next time you reach for the packet of instant ramen, think about eating brain food. While fast foods might seem like the easiest thing to get while you’re studying, they will eventually make you feel sluggish and tired. Over the course of finals week you are going to need to recall so much information, which is why it is important to supply your brain with the fuel it needs. If, for some reason, you really feel like you need to eat ramen, spice it up by adding some vegetables and a source of protein.

A Cluttered Desk = A Cluttered Mind

Take five or ten minutes out of your study session to clean up your workplace. Sometimes having a messy desk can cause you to become distracted as you get further into the study material. Removing distractions is an easy way to stay on track and effectively study. This can also include removing unnecessary electronics from your work area as a way of reducing the temptation of scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat.

Triple check the time and location of your exam

Don’t be that guy. There’s nothing worse than spending a significant amount of time and effort preparing yourself for an exam only to show up in the wrong place.Check the time and location of your exam multiple times so that you don't end up in a physics final instead of your calculus final. A good way to ensure you’re in the right location is by mapping out your route to class beforehand. This will get you accustomed to the new location of your exam and give you an idea of how long it will take you to get there.

Destini Wellington, Junior

Orientation Leader

Hometown: London, England

Major: Biological Sciences: Pre-Professional