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Secret Spots on Campus

As an extremely introverted and prompt person I have succeeded in finding many hiding places on campus for when I’m early to class, need to work on something, or when I’m really just done with people for the day. So from one really really introvert to anyone who needs it, here are my favorite spots to chill out on campus.

The engineering couch

For anyone looking for a nice place to sit and eat lunch or need to work on their homework this couch is the place to go. Located on the third floor of TBE-B this couch has a table and trash can conveniently placed next to it for any and all homework and lunchtime needs. However, this spot isn’t totally silent (you can hear classes going on in nearby rooms) and people walk by constantly during the day so if any of these things bother you, consider one of my other suggestions.

The engineering chairs

Just down the hall and around the corner from the engineering couch in TBE-B are the engineering chairs. These are a collection of lounge and school chairs with some tables and whiteboards on the walls. Again you will be able to hear classes going on and have people walk by frequently but, if the couch is taken this is a good second option for those near the engineering building.

Second floor hallway student union

The student union is probably the busiest place on campus, second only to maybe lied library. However, sometimes, it is just the only place to hang out till your class starts. If this happens to you and your are looking for someplace out of the way, you may consider the second floor hallway on the opposite side of the floor from the ballrooms. There are no chairs or couches, however, there are plenty of places to plug in your phone and a plethora of trash cans if you need to throw something out. Usually this hallway is deserted except for maintenance staff and a few other people also taking advantage of the quiet hallway. Occasionally, they hold events in this hallway so you would have to be weary of that. Overall though it’s a decent place to hang out if you don’t mind sitting on the floor.

Lied library third floor across the bridge

As previously mentioned Lied library is another one of the busiest places on campus, however, there are a couple of places you can get away. If you get there at opening you can get an alcove study room but, for those of you that don’t have that option, I have another one for you. Lied library has two bridges that go across the front of the library on the second and third floors. Outside these rooms are some nice padded benches. No tables or whiteboards to use but if you need an out of the way space to read or study this could work for you.

Lied Library quiet rooms

Another feature the library provides are the quiet rooms. These are really helpful if you need it to be quiet to be able to work. My friends and I all prefer the room on the first floor (it’s past the bathrooms near the emergency exits) because so few people use it but, all the quiet rooms are lovely to use when you just need some quiet.

WRI building benches and tables

The WRI building is the building diagonal to the student union and a lot of classes are held in it. It is a mostly outdoor complex so these spots only really work during weather you don’t mind sitting in. The top floor of the complex has metal picnic tables that are lovely to use for the week that it is not a hundred degrees or freezing cold. Another option is the benches, each floor of the complex has two or three benches that are usually pretty well shaded. There are no tables or outlets but if you’re looking for a nice place to eat your lunch (or read a book) this is a great place to go.

In summary I have found a lot of out-of-the-way places for me to work on homework, relax, or hang out with friends. The important thing is that you find where you feel comfortable on campus because once you find where you are most comfortable, it will make college seem a lot less intimidating.


Miranda Cain, Junior

Orientation Leader

High School: Advanced Technologies Academy

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Civil Engineering

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