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How to be the Cool Transfer Student

First day of UNLV can be very excited but scary; what if I am not cool enough for UNLV students? Don’t worry! I got you!

1. Attend orientation

Trust me, it is so important to attend orientation. You can physically be in UNLV to experience the campus and get to know more about campus before school actually starts. You may meet new friends that are also transfer students or even with the same major!

2. Arrive school early

In my experience, the traffic can get incredibly insane to the point your waiting in a 5-car-deep line to turn INTO the parking garage. GET THERE 30 MINUTES EARLIER! That way you can have extra time to find your classrooms and building, do not be late on the first day! It is very important to keep the habit of being on time.

3. Download UNLV mobile app

Getting lost and no one is nearby? Download this app and quickly locate where you are at. It can tell you where your building at! If you are really bad with directions and just somehow can’t read the map, this app can save you!! It can also do a few other things such as directly link you to MyUNLV as well as any news and videos related to UNLV.

4. Involvement fair

*Note: This is not the UNLV campus*

I know I know, we are all busy humans. But what is college if you have not join any clubs on campus? Involvement fair is usually held in beginning of every semester. It is a good chance to get to know every club and opportunities to talk to representatives. It can be related to your major, Greek life or even other interests like Disney Club.

5. Share your experience

As transfer student, you may worry about not being able to fit in since you miss the first 2 years of UNLV life. Everyone I met in UNLV was so friendly and open to other perspectives. Just open yourself up and share your unique experience with them, they love to hear your story!

6. Grab a bite with friends

There are a lot of different spots to get food or coffee on campus, mainly located on the first floor of SU but if you are health science major like me, we have different choices on the dark side of campus too! Remember to get your rebel card so you can get discount by paying with rebel cash!

UNLV is a diverse school and trust me, you will fall in love with it!


Siny Hui, Senior

Orientation Leader

High School: Spring Valley High School

Hometown: Hong Kong, China

Major: Kinesiology

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