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The Great Things that Rebel Marketplace Offers

Get involved:

I’m sure a lot of college students want to get involved during college. However, when it comes to the clubs or organizations, they can have their meeting at the time you have class or you forget about them. So, then it gets harder for you to get involve and it gets even more harder if you don’t live in campus. Rebel marketplace is where all organizations and clubs can interact with current UNLV students by setting up booths. Thanks to rebel marketplace, I’m involved with some of the most interesting and fun clubs and organizations. For example, I’m part of a french club, pizza club and I’m also part of the organization’s called LEAD. Now, I’m more involved around campus because I go to all the events for each of the clubs and organizations and I get to meet a lot of people. To be part of some clubs all you really need is giving them your email, and they will send you emails of the things that are happening around campus so, you can try to attend to them.


A lot of the times we have back-to-back classes in college, and when we don’t eat something or we are hungry, our heads start to hurt or you are just not learning anything in class. Rebel marketplace is a great place for a snack before class because there are a lot of students (who are typically apart of some RSO) selling food, and there is also food trucks which are my favorite. Most of the food that is being sold by the students are five dollars or even a dollar and you buying that food is for a good cause, which is helping the students to collect money for their club or organization.. A lot of the times the food is also free!


I have classes close to the rebel marketplace. The rebel marketplace is located by the lied library and between Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex and Hospitality Hall. One day my head was hurting and didn’t feel to good, but I had a class to go to in the hospitality building. There was this club giving out free food in the rebel marketplace, I don’t really remember what food was, but all I know is that they save me from not falling my nutrition exam. I felt much better and more energy once I ate that food.


Maria Gonzalez, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

High School: Eldorado High School

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: International Business

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