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Office of International Programs

This is the first of three posts for the Study Aboard Series. This series will answer all questions related to the study aboard program that UNLV has to offer and will showcase the Office of International Programs. Travel aboard and see the world!


The study abroad programs is another resources that available for students to take advantage while you attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas. International programs is the window to the world that student can apply to complete their requirements in other countries around the world.

The Office of International Program is a free resource provided by University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Students can take advantage of international programs toward their education. It helps student to understand other cultures, societies, and new perspectives from the study abroad experience. It is another opportunity for students to explore the new world while pursuing their education. They can apply for summer and winter break programs that available in international programs. Those credits will be transfer to UNLV after taking UNLV International Programs.

Students can make an appointment with the Office of International Programs advisors to discuss some benefits of study abroad and get advice on how to use scholarships and financial aid toward internal programs. There are many countries that students can apply with UNV’s partners, including Australia; Brazil; Chile; China; Costa Rica; Cuba; Czech Republic; England; France; Germany; Ghana; India; Ireland; Italy; Korea; Japan; and many more.

International Education is another important tools that offer a unique opportunity for UNLV students to learn a different language and a new perspective from other countries. There are many subject areas that students can choose to study in other countries such as Business, Art, Foreign Language, Criminal Justice, and many more. This resource is available for UNLV students. Therefore, use every resources provided by UNLV while you still can because every resources will offer you a lot of benefits while you attend at UNLV.


Nouthdaraserey (Rex) Khim, Senior

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Ohnom Penh, Cambodia

Major: Political Science

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