Study Abroad Experience

This is the second of three posts for the Study Abroad Series. This series will answer all questions related to the study aboard program that UNLV has to offer and will showcase the Office of International Programs. Travel aboard and see the world!

Studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy during the Fall 2018 semester was one of the best experiences of my life! Here’s why:

First, of course, I had the opportunity to view art. SO MUCH ART. I took field trips to various places every week just to see the artwork -- mind you, I am an art major. One of my favorite places to visit was the Vatican Museums. Room after room, I was mesmerized by a new magnificent work of art. I also had a lot of neck pain, but it was WORTH IT!

I understand that not everyone is an insane art fanatic like me, so I also wanted to talk about other potential experiences to have in Italy. You can go to “una partita di calcio!”

The one that I went to was “Roma vs. Spal,” and let me tell you, the best part of the match was watching the audience. Italians are VERY passionate about their sports. Rome is only a couple of hour train ride from Viterbo, so I was able to often make short trips with friends and have awesome experiences like this one :)

If you are less into sports, perhaps you would be interested in “il parco di mostri,” a gorgeous and unique park in Bomarzo. The park is filled with 24 enormous stone statues of monsters such as the one pictured above. It is believed that this “sacred forest” was commissioned by Price Pier Francesco after the loss of his wife. The sculptures were created by Pirro Ligorio (yep, the same guy who did St. Peter’s Cathedral -- but you obviously knew that). Again, only a couple of hours away!

Lastly, I want to talk about FOOD. Italy has some of the best food I have ever tried. Do you see this photo?! It’s a depiction of heaven. The amazing, the exquisite: ZUPPA DI PESCE. I have dreams about this meal. It is an incredible blend of flavors and delicious sea foods. Words cannot express…

Zully Mejia

Orientation Leader

High School: Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: Painting, Drawing, and Print Making