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Parking on Campus

Parking at UNLV can be very hectic and maybe even stressful at times. There are many locations to park, however the main parking garages on campus are Tropicana parking garage, black lot, and cottage grove. There are many tips and tricks when it comes to finding a spot around campus that many students still don’t know about. UNLV currently has over 30,000 students enrolled, and as this university continues to grow, space is becoming limited.

Tips & Tricks

The library is one of UNLV’s hot spots, yet the two parking garages can seem pretty far from it. All parking behind the library is either reserved or for staff, however on weekdays: reserved, staff, and meter parking is free after 7:00PM to anybody. This makes it easier for students to get those nice/convenient parking spots around campus. Students also prefer to spend weekends on campus whether it be to study or meet up with other friends. Weekends, parking is free all day in any spot around campus, allowing anybody to park.

Best time to park

Since becoming a rebel, I have been able to see that most students prefer to have open fridays and also early afternoon classes. This means that Fridays parking is pretty much open all day, leaving no stress on students and easy access to any spot around campus. As for the rest of the week, I’ve learned that it is better to get to campus a bit earlier in order to get the best spots closest to your classes. Typically, it is good to park before 8:30 since this is when many students start their day. As for the end of the day, the garages and close parking locations start to open up again at around 4:00PM - 5:00PM.

Prices (Student)

Annual = $150

Fall & Spring = $123.75

Semester = $61.88

Monthly = $13.75

Weekly = $9.00

Daily = $4.00


Adrian Yzaguirre, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

High School: Gladstone High School

Hometown: Azusa, California

Major: Computer Science

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