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CSUN: A Quick Run Down

This is the fifth of ten posts in the RSO & Work series. This series will take a deep dive into all things that UNLV can offer; Registered Student Organization and working on campus. See just how involved you can get on campus!


What is CSUN, well for starters it is the Consolidated Students of The University of Nevada.

We are your student government and elected voice of the undergraduate population. CSUN is made up of three different branches each with their own unique set of powers and purposes. Just like the real government we have three branches: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.

Legislative Branch

This branch consists of 25 senators all from the different colleges at UNLV. They go through an election every fall around October and November, once they are elected from their respective colleges they are officially the representative voice for their college to the University. In their positon(s) they have the power to write Bills and resolutions, as well as make implement policies around the other branches, Senate also has many sub-committees like Ways and Means which deal with all of the money in CSUN, this committee builds CSUN’s annual budget and they are the committee that funds student orgs. Another committee is University and Government Affairs, in this committee senators advocate for students on a campus wide spectrum through petitions and connections with the university, They also keep up with government affairs so that their constituents can be informed on anything that directly affects them; several other committees are also held in CSUN each one holding their own unique purposes.

Judicial Branch

This Branch is made up of 9 members, A chief Justice, an associate Justice, and seven other Justices. They are the legal branch of CUSN so any legal actions needed to be taken care of go through them. They are also in charge of interpretations of the CSUN Constitution. If a conflict arises they will hear what they call Cases in these cases they will deliberate on the issue and make informed decisions about that topic. This branch also has longer terms than any of the other branches being several months longer than they others that are only one year long.

Executive Branch

This Branch is made up of three main people in the executive board; the President, the Vice President, and the Senate President. These three people are the heads of CSUN, with the President being the Head of CSUN and the eboard. This branch of CSUN also has several directors, Directors are in charge of their own departments (Athletics, Campus life, Legislative Affairs, etc.) each director with their respective area of expertise have a budget to engage students and build programs that are related to their titles.

WIth all of that being said, we are here to help the undergraduate population with any issues that they may have, in a positive and impactful way. CSUN offices are held on the third floor of the Student Union with hours of operation being between 8 and 5.


Trey Curtis-Brown, Senior

Orientation Assistant

High School: Green River High School

Major: Kinesiology

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