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How to Get the Most Out of Living on Campu

This is the ninth of ten posts in the RSO & Work series. This series will take a deep dive into all things that UNLV can offer; Registered Student Organization and working on campus. See just how involved you can get on campus!


Students often say that it can be hard to find fun things to do on campus, especially when they live there. However, this is simply not true. The University of Nevada Las Vegas has many fun opportunities for students living on campus so that they can get involved and meet new people. I know this in part because my first year of college I lived on campus. The experiences I had through this also helped me meet some of my best friends at UNLV.

The first opportunity UNLV offers is through RHA, the resident hall association. RHA has many opportunities for students throughout the entire semester. These activities are also often advertised in the dorms so that students are made aware of them. The activities can include movie nights or celebrations for holidays or summer.

The second opportunity UNLV has is through REB, the rebel events board. REB has a lot of events throughout the semester and it is not limited to students who live on campus! REB has events such as Throwback Thursday where they play old tunes, have roller skating, and photobooths. They also had an event for Superbowl Sunday so that students could watch the game and spend time with friends.

There are so many amazing opportunities for students living on campus. These activities are super fun and let students have a great time without having to leave campus. This is a common misconception that living on campus is difficult and there is not much fun to be had. This is easily dispelled however when you take into account all of the organizations UNLV has to combat that issue.


Jordan Dellinger, Senior


High School: College of Southern Nevada High School

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Secondary Education- Physical Science

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