Honors College: What's All the Buzz?

This is the first of four posts giving all the insight about the Honors College at UNLV. This gives all the information that a prospective student might have about the Honors College. These posts are written by current Honors College students for possible Honors College students.

UNLV’s acceptance rate was 88.4% in 2016, so there isn’t much competition. However, in UNLV there is a selective college known as Honors College. Many students stay that Honors College (HC) isn’t worth it for several reasons. However, as a student who did get accepted into Honors College, I’m here to tell you why those who join it, love it.


HC is a school that actually has its own building! Located in the Boyd Law building, Honors Students have their own lounge to escape too: public place to study/hang, a private free computer lounge, and their own printer. It's a fantastic place to have lunch, a place to study away from the chaos of everyone, and the only people in it are (usually) all honors students who have the same mindset. Best part, TONS of free stuff.


Speaking of free stuff, we get free food! Honors College offers free food to its students all the time. Other than club meetings and other events, we get coffee, donuts, and pizza in the beginning of the year/midterms/finals. We even celebrate pie day with free pie! So if free food at college sounds good, apply!


Being that Honors college students all have to take the same classes and are usually in the same lounge, it is much easier to belong to a community. Most of my friends I found at Honors College. With all the activities and actually being in the classes with the same group of people, memories are easily made. So if you are looking for an environment that is smaller with amazing people, Honors College is the place. The best part is, you don’t have to know everyone. We are all friendly with each other and with each of us having so many passions and hobbies, life is never boring in HC.


Honors College offers tons of FREE activities. Free movie nights with free popcorn, Game Nights with free pizza, a spring festival with free activities such as bounce houses and MORE free food. There are honors-college specific clubs and student council. There are hikes and even a Tough Mudder Team! If you want to be part of a team and feel like a member in a warm-community, Honors College has got you covered. It spices up your life and adds to the college experience.


People believe that Honors Courses are harder than regular courses. However, they are just different. The teachers are all Doctors in their professions. Most classes are discussion based and there is no busy work. The classes open up your mind and force you to take courses outside of your major. They are probably my favorite. You do need a certain amount of Honors College specific courses, but they usually count for other courses as credits. Plus the classes are no bigger than twenty people!

Wrap up: There is an application process. Honors College is selective. However, it isn’t all grades. There are so many perks and the fear of the classes being too hard isn’t quite true. You need to put in work, but the classes are more open ended and honestly the free stuff is fantastic!

Catelyn Kaufman, Sophomore


High School: West Career and Technical Academy

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Biology