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Research and Creative Honors

This is the second of four posts giving all the insight about the Honors College at UNLV. This gives all the information that a prospective student might have about the Honors College. These posts are written by current Honors College students for possible Honors College students.


After reading through some of these Rebel Rundown posts, you probably know a little bit more about our Honors College on campus. Many students know about the Honors College for the University Honors program. This is the program that involves taking 31 HON-prefix credits throughout four years of an undergraduate education. These credits may include a first year seminar, English courses, and more.

While the University Honors program is fantastic, it is not the only opportunity that the Honors College has to offer. Another great aspect of our Honors College is the Research and Creative Honors Program! This program allows you to do your own research over two semesters and develop new knowledge. While many students in the University Honors program decide to take advantage of this extra honors distinction, the Research and Creative Honors Program is not limited to students who are already in the Honors College. Any undergraduate student interested in doing a thesis after completing their general education courses is welcome to get involved.

The Research and Creative Honors Program allows students to take advantage of research opportunities that come with every undergraduate major offered at UNLV. Before I actually got into college, I believed that research was limited to science majors looking to pursue medical school. While there are many students who participate in that sort of research, there are countless other research opportunities available at the university level. As a political science major, I would be able to develop a hypothesis about something in my field and look at the statistics behind the issue at hand. Students are able to do this type of thing with every academic discipline. Public health, psychology, name it!

Interested in the Research and Creative Honors Program? The program can be completed over a two year time span! Doing Research and Creative Honors involves taking four 400-level courses through the Honors College that cover a range of subjects. 400-level Honors seminars may cover anything from the day-to-day activities of a lawyer to human rights around the world. You may find these courses to be the “fun classes” in your fall and spring semester schedules. Aside from taking the upper-division courses, you will work on your thesis for two semesters. As you complete this, you will have your work assessed by some of the top faculty on campus.

Research is something incredibly rewarding that is worth taking advantage of in your undergraduate career. No matter what your major is, there are always new things to discover in your field. Doing research at this academic stage will set you apart from students across the nation. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to stand out amongst your peers as you head to the next stage in your life post-graduation. Since UNLV is a top school for research, the Research and Creative Honors Program is definitely worth looking into.


Olivia Cheche, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

High School: Desert Oasis High School

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Political Science

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