5 Must See-Sights on Campus!

UNLV has a beautiful campus! There is no denying in that so here are some breathtaking sights that are too incredible not to see!

1. Xeric Garden

You can find this lovely landscape between the Wright Hall and the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art. There are gorgeous plants that can survive Vegas’s heat, pathways, wooden bridges, benches, and much more in this garden. I always feel at peace walking through here. I even found a bunny once! They usually roam when the sun sets and when there are not as many people walking nearby.

2. Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art

A museum is a great place to find art. And well...UNLV has one right here on campus! Free admission and welcome to anybody. Here you can find are engaging exhibitions and dynamic programs for viewing pleasure.

3. Atrium located in Juanita Greer White Life Sciences (WHI)

I was in awe when I found this blissful spot. There is a soothing fountain that whispers water sounds to you while presenting a calm, green essence. Plus, it is the perfect study spot if you need some white noise.

4. Black Cats (usually located between Ham Hall and Education Building)

Now, did you know that UNLV has their own cats? They are taken care of by our faculty and are all vaccinated. So nothing to worry about here! You can pet them, feed them cat food, or simply just enjoy their company. Just look at them. They are so cute!

5. The View on the 4th Floor of Hospitality Hall

This is where you can find a perfect open view of the Las Vegas Strip. Plus, you get a nice view of the campus as well. If you want some fresh air while being on top of the world, this is a great place to check out!

Jackie Martin, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

High School: Liberty High School

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: Theatre