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Living on Campus for First Year Students

Let me start off by just saying if you are a first year student and are coming from outside of Nevada, you are REQUIRED to live on campus your first year. This is coming from a first year student, who also happens to be an out of state student.

There are some different options for first-year students.There is the choice of either living in the Dayton complex, the Tonopah Complex, or the South Complex. Dayton is a hall for only first-year students. Whereas with the Tonopah and the South complex, it is a mix of first-year and upper class students.

My personal experience of living in the residence halls will be different from others but when you are surrounded by people who study the same area or who share similar interests, it makes for a better community.

Now after reading a little, don't get all happy, thinking there are no rules you have to follow… sorry to burst your bubble but on every floor, there will be a Resident Assistant (RA). I know that many people, and I MEAN MANY… people, do not know what an RA is. Their duties, just to name a few, include making sure that their floor community is safe and everyone is included. The other thing RA’s have to do is enforce UNLV’s Housing Policies. That means that if you are under the age of 21, you can’t have alcohol in your room. Whether it is for “decoration” or not. The other thing that RA’s look for is making sure they don’t smell mariuana. While it is legal in the state of Nevada, UNLV receives federal funding so you are NOT allowed to have mariuana on campus, even if it is recreational… I’m sorry but it’s not allowed.

If someone were to break these policies RA’s will have to write a report with all the parties involved and you will get sent to UNLV’s Office of Student Conduct which is located in CDC (Central Desert Complex). One way to avoid this is to just NOT GET IN TROUBLE!

There is one more complex that I have saved, but this is because it doesn’t apply to first year students… sorry y'all but you will just have to wait until after your first year is over. This complex is known as UCC or Upperclassmen Complex. This complex has both singles and doubles, although they cost more, you will get a little more privacy than other Residence Halls.

Everyone will create their own unique experience while living on campus and I really hope you live yours to the fullest!


Zoe McConnell, Sophomore

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Major: Hospitality​​

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