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Caffeine! Caffeine! I Need Caffeine!

As a college student, I cannot survive without a nice cup of caffeine. Does it keep me sane? I don't know, but I know I need it to stay active and attentive when working, socializing, and schooling. Around the valley, there are numerous coffee shops, both local-owned and corporate-owned. Many are close to UNLV, making it easy to obtain a cup of joe, while others are worth the travel. Here are the top three coffee shops I recommend to any college student lacking some energy.

1. Royal Ice

Royal Coffee has to be my number one choice for coffee. Last year, I discovered the coffee shop and immediately fell in love. Not only was the inside warm and welcoming, but the coffee kept me going for hours! There are so many types of drinks to choose from, and they have a handful of pastries and meals. Some of my favorite items include their signature drinks, organic energy drinks, and blueberry muffins. Royal Coffee comes from the Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Company and has multiple locations in the valley. This family-owned business may not be on campus, but their vast selections of items make it worth the drive!

2. Rebel Grounds

A college coffee list would not work without having an on-campus coffee shop. Rebel Grounds is a student-run cafe located in UNLV’s Hospitality Hall. It is a tight-knit cafe; however, their friendly service and tasty creations are worth waiting in the space. The most enjoyable part about its location is that there are seats inside and around the building! The fourth floor of Hospitality Hall is a nice spot to sip on some caffeine. If you ever want a quick caffeine fix while on campus, Rebel Grounds is the place to go. The cost is low, but the quality is high. They are fast-paced and very convenient for all UNLV students. You'll fall in love with this homey beverage joint after one sip.

3. Grouchy Johns

Sometimes being a college student is tough. The struggle is so real, you settle for accessible coffee locations. “Starbucks has a drive-thru, so let's go with that.” Luckily, not only is Grouchy John's convenient in many ways, but it has some grade A caffeine! Grouchy Johns is a locally-owned coffee shop that offers diverse experiences in unique ways. It is one of the only local-owned cafes with a 24-7 drive-thru, it has a food truck that comes on the UNLV campus, and it caters for parties and events. They have various drinks and foods that are delicious in every way possible. They believe in caffeinated happiness, and I promise you will experience this. Although it only has two cafe locations, you are sure to see it all around the valley. Your grouchiness is sure to change after a sip of their passion-filled drinks.

Whether you are a caffeine addict or not, I definitely recommend trying one of these cafes out. The experience they produce is worth your time and cents! Being a college student, I don't know what I would do without any of these places. Starbucks and Coffee Bean are excellent places to get caffeine; however, Southern Nevada has so many different coffee shops that deserve some love and appreciation. It's okay to take a break from that Starbucks iced caramel macchiato. Whenever you’re eager to venture out of your comfort zone, these and many more coffee shops will be waiting for you!


Monique Raven

Orientation Leader

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