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Finding Your Rhythm at UNLV

I am an education major. More specifically, I am a secondary education major specializing in mathematics. This means I have to take many high-level math classes, which honestly came as a shock to me! Throughout my 3 years, though, I have been able to find what works best for me. Through trial and error, I have found some amazing tips that were given to me by upperclassmen, professors, and some I even figured out by myself! So I hope some of these tips are helpful to you, too!

Step 1: Find your study area.

It is so important to find an area where you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be able to study. Depending on what you like, everyone's study area is going to be different. For instance, if you like a noisier area, I think the Student Union could be perfect for you. I personally need more of a chaotic environment in order to be able to focus on important assignments such as tests so that is where I usually go. If I need to work on some assignments or watch some lecture videos, I like to go to the study rooms in the Lied Library or the back of the fifth floor for a bit of quietness (but not enough where you would uncomfortable to make the slightest bit of noise).

Step 2: Find your people.

Not only do I recommend finding people to befriend and go through your college journey with, but also find those who will be going through a similar academic experience. In my major, I have noticed that my classes mostly have students in engineering, computer science, and math majors so it was a bit difficult to find people with my same major. However, over the past semesters, I have been able to make friends with a couple of classmates who are planning on taking similar classes as myself and are in my major. Now, I have people that I can lean on and share experiences with!

Step 3: Find your plan.

Make a plan that is fitting for you! This means getting to know yourself pretty well and knowing what you need. College can be stressful and knowing how to study can often fall short of what you need. I suggest building a plan based on knowing when to get help, go in for tutoring, and reaching out to a professor. As an example, my plan is:

  1. Study the material and do the homework.

  2. Review the notes and videos for a better understanding.

  3. Find alternative videos or further help and reach out to peers.

  4. Go to math tutoring at the Central Desert Complex (CDC).

  5. Attend professors' office hours and bring material for thorough explanations.

This way I know when to reach out and get the help I need to succeed. So far my plan has worked pretty well and I have met a couple of great people along the way!

Final step: Find your events.

UNLV holds many events and even though we are here to learn, we cannot forget to have fun! My favorite ones have been Premier and Homecoming. Premier was a great way to get some free food and meet others while getting some great photo props and seeing some cool locations. This giant inflatable chair that they bring is my favorite! Homecoming was also quite enjoyable. I got to spend some time with my friends. play some games, go on rides! There are many other events on and off-campus. There are plays, talent shows, game nights, and so on. Find what you enjoy most but also attend events that seem out of your comfort zone. You may create some of the best memories!

I hope these help you start your journey!


Olaya Perez

Orientation Leader

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