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Four things to do in Las Vegas when you’re under 21

1. Visit the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a great place to go if you are under 21! If you don’t already know, the neon museum is an outside walk-around exhibit that showcases the old signs of Las Vegas. It is in an older part of town but that is what makes it so much more fun! The newest sign added to the collection is the giant guitar from The Hard Rock Hotel! The museum also showcases a variety of limited edition exhibits throughout the year. Last year, Tim Burton set up his own exhibit there!

2. Attend a multitude of concerts

Las Vegas is becoming a hot spot for large concert tours. The good news for you is that quite a few of the venues in town are open for people under 21. Brooklyn Bowl is a great venue for anyone 18+. One of my favorite venues is the Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan because the floors have springs under them which make it feel like you’re jumping on a trampoline!

3. Go see a drive-in movie

The drive-in theater is another great option for those under 21! This is a fun (and affordable) way to see a movie. They also offer reduced ticket prices once a week! Whenever I go to the drive-in I feel like I’m stepping back in time.

Added Bonus: You can bring your own food!!! They still offer concessions if you are interested.

4. Eat your way down The Strip

The Strip is home to some great restaurants and pop-ups as it is filled with world-renowned eateries and famous chefs. OK, so eating your way down the entire strip is not attainable for most because of the price. A more affordable option is to pick a handful of places that tickle your fancy and visit them in your own time! A few of my personal favorites are Black Tap, Eataly, and the “secret” pizza place in The Cosmopolitan. It is Las Vegas so there are countless restaurants away from The Strip. We are a city full of people and with people comes culture so feel free to visit smaller places! There is a variety of foods even by campus!


Destini Wellington

Orientation Leader

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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