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Get Involved: Intern With CSUN!

There are countless ways to get involved on campus, no matter what your interests are. Finding ways to dive deep into the UNLV community and making connections can make your college experience even better. There are even involvement opportunities that allow for professional development, and CSUN is one of those opportunities! At UNLV, CSUN is the student government on campus that works to make the student experience better. CSUN has various internship opportunities for undergraduates who are eager to get involved.


Like other systems of government, there are three branches of CSUN: executive, legislative, and judicial. These branches work together to advocate for students and represent them to the university administration. All of the roles in CSUN are occupied by undergraduate students, but an internship with the governing body can be a great way to learn more about the various roles before applying for a paid position. All three branches of CSUN offer some sort of internship program for interested students.

In the executive branch, there are opportunities to serve as an apprentice for the various members of the executive board, cabinet, and department. The executive board consists of a Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, and Senate President. The cabinet consists of a Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Attorney General. Departments may focus on things such as marketing or legislative affairs. Apprentices have the opportunity to shadow these executive members and learn more about what their offices do to help students.

In the legislative branch, there are opportunities to intern under one of the seated Senators in a student’s designated academic college. There are 25 Senators spanning the nine academic colleges at UNLV, and legislative interns have the opportunity to shadow these public officials and learn more about CSUN through a module system. They are also able to attend the weekly Senate meetings that happen every Monday night during the Fall and Spring semesters, where most of the action takes place.

Finally, the judicial branch offers a judicial clerkship program for students who may be interested in studying constitutional law. This program, also well-established, gives students the opportunity to learn about student government through various modules about the foundational laws of the body.

Evidently, there are many areas for involvement within CSUN! Interning with one of the branches can be a great opportunity that allows you to gain exposure to the day-to-day activities of your student representatives and decide if you would like to assume one of their positions yourself. Regardless of what your interests may be, you can definitely find a place to thrive within CSUN!


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