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Going on an ADVENTURE? Rent Equipment from the SRWC!

Las Vegas is a beautiful city filled with top-notch attractions and exciting activities. However, it’s easy to get tired of the busy streets and bright lights. Lucky for us, there is a surplus of nature to explore not far from the hustle and bustle of the city! Just a 30-minute drive west of Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon. You can go rock climbing, hike a trail, or take a splash over at Oak Creek.

If you don’t have experience rock climbing or don’t have the equipment for it, have no fear! A great campus resource at UNLV is the Outdoor Adventures Office at the SRWC. Outdoor Adventures holds several events, workshops, and rents recreational equipment to any UNLV student, staff member, faculty, U.S. resident, and international traveler (18+). The rock climbing equipment available includes a variety of crash pads and chalk bags for you to use during your climbing escapade! Now, if rock climbing isn’t your speed, there are other options to escape the business of Las Vegas and get outside. About a 1-hour drive north is Mount Charleston located in Kyle Canyon. Mount Charleston has lots of lush green areas and—depending on the season—SNOW! Las Vegas very rarely gets snow, so if you’d like to experience it, Mount Charleston is the way to go! Just make sure to visit between November and March for the best results.

Isabel at Fletcher Canyon Trailhead

At the Outdoor Adventures Office, you can rent out snowshoes, trekking poles, and snow goggles for your adventure in the cold! Bundle up!

If Mount Charleston isn’t far enough from Las Vegas for you, I recommend Zion National Park. If you haven’t been to Zion, it is something you don’t wanna miss. Though, keep in mind the time zone change when planning your trip! About a 2.5 hour drive away, Zion is filled with vibrant plants and flowers, towering mountains, and gorgeous views. There are lots of opportunities to go hiking, camping, or backpacking! A beautiful time to visit is in October when the weather is just right during the daytime and not too cold at night. The Outdoor Adventures Office offers many kinds of camping equipment for your next adventure in the wild. There are a variety of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, cooking sets, foldable chairs, lanterns, and more! UNLV Students and SRWC Members receive a discounted price for all rental equipment, so definitely take advantage of this awesome resource. To the right are some photos from my backpacking trip through the nearly 14 mile West Rim Trail. I rented a backpack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad from Outdoor Adventures. As for camping, there are assorted sizes and brands of tents to choose from to find the right fit for you and your camping team if you’re going with friends! Be sure to check out the Outdoor Adventures website to learn more.

Isabel at the West Rim Trail, views from a trip, and rolling the sleeping pad.


Isabel Ferguson

Orientation Leader

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