How To Stay Organized in College

There are so many college organization tips out there that it can be overwhelming. In this post, I have come up with five simple tips to help you be organized in college without having to stress out. Here are some tips I have for you (that I also use) on how to stay organized in college.

1. Have a Planner

I know so many people who do not use planners, and I don’t understand why. My planner (or planners) is what keeps me sane. I have THE WORST memory so having a planner allows me to remember all the tasks and assignments I need to complete. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive or complicated planner; a simple one will do just fine. College life is filled with deadlines and dates so having a planner to help you organize your life is super beneficial.

2. Use Google Calendar

I function off of my Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows you to see what you need to be doing when. Inputting all deadlines, events, study time, etc. keeps you accountable while also allowing you to see how much you are putting on your schedule. Don’t overdo it because that will only lead to burn out and don’t forget to add personal relaxing time! You are important too!

3. Create a Master Syllabus

Once you get your syllabus from each class, I highly recommend creating a Master Syllabus. Organize it by the due date to make sure you do not forget anything and so you know how much work you need to get done by a certain day. Sometimes, many assignments from multiple classes are due on the same day, so having a Master Syllabus allows me to see that and plan accordingly. I organize my Master Syllabus by having columns with the headings: my personal due date (when I want to get it done by), the actual due date, the class, the assignment, and the points per assignment. I include a personal deadline to push myself to finish the assignment earlier than the deadline so I don’t panic and end up having to pull late-night study sessions. After I complete the assignment, I cross it off the list. I recommend having it digitally so you don’t need to spend time writing every little thing and also so you can move it around if things change.

4. Have a Weekly To-Do List

I use weekly to-do’s to keep track of everything that needs to be done. I break mine up into different categories such as Work, School, Personal, and Other and write down the tasks that need to be done that correspond with that category. Looking at my Master Syllabus, I write down the assignments that need to get done this week and write it under my “School” category. Having weekly to-dos allows me to see what needs to get done without having to stress out about every little thing. It also lets me focus on smaller tasks instead of the entire month or semester as a whole.

5. Don’t Overcomplicate It

KISS! Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t over complicate your organization system. It will be too overwhelming and may lead to more confusion in the future. You don’t need to have every organization app on your phone or have every colored pen and highlighter for your planner. Find what works for you and keep it simple. That way, you are more inclined to continue that method.

College is stressful, but being organized helps relieve some of that stress. By being organized, you are able to use your time more effectively instead of taking up hours in your week crying and stressing over things that could be easily fixed. That way, you have more time to go after the life you want and experience college to its fullest.


Maria Victoria Agao

Orientation Leader

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada