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My Transition to College

I started thinking about all the reasons why people need help during many difficult transition periods. Transitioning from high school to college is a big adjustment for many reasons (including classes that you attend every other day, classes that are only a semester-long, moving away from home, and so on and so forth), which is why I am here to help!


Last year I was going through the same thing counting down the days until I had to leave for a whole new state and not knowing anyone other than my roommate (who was from California, by the way). Let me say that at first, it was quite an adjustment; but, as I started to decorate my side of the room, it felt more like home. Although you can not put actual holes into the wall, command strips and hooks work perfectly in this environment.


As an out-of-state student, I had the requirement of living on campus during my first year. During my time in the Residence Hall that I got to call home, I met some pretty interesting and unique individuals. One time, I remember a bunch of high school boys came down the hall around 10 AM because they were on a tour of the campus. My roommate and I had a whiteboard up on our door and we had a joke on our floor that our room was “almost always open.” This was because we always had friends over to play card games and just chat. So these boys kept knocking on our door at 10 am and we both woke up immediately. While I was tempted to open the door, I did not because I was too tired.


Anyways, there were so many resources for us to utilize. They had a big welcome week event and there were tons of students there. Each day there was something different and exciting! At some of these events, there was food, crafts, and various other activities. They also had a movie night in the green area next to my Residence Hall!

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