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Perspective of a Freshman Student: How to be organized and do well in your classes

Picture this- it is your first day of college and you are most likely feeling one of the following emotions: happiness, sadness, excitement, worry, or even nervousness. You feel like you actually have butterflies in your stomach, speechless as you self-check for the 4th time that you have all of your class materials and that you didn’t leave anything back at home. Well, how would you feel if I were to tell you that it is a normal reaction to have, but also there is a solution as to how to lower any stressors or worries when it comes to transitioning from high school to your first year of college? Well, sit back and relax while I provide you with some helpful tips that can lower any anxiety.

Tip #1: Have a planner to better organize yourself as an incoming student :)

One of the best things about college is that for the first week of school, there are a lot of helpful resources that can better prepare you to be organized or let you continue being as organized as possible.

As you look around campus, you will notice some tents with “ask me booths” in front of the view; no, I promise you they will not hurt you, they are friendly haha! They are people from the Office of Admissions who are there for incoming students who may not know where their classes are or don’t remember certain buildings. They also provide you with a campus map and an academic planner which is really helpful in jotting down homework assignments or important upcoming deadlines. If you do not want to obtain one from the booth, you can always buy a passion planner or some type of planner where you have space to write down all the necessary things you need to let out. The more you write down in your planner, the less stress there will be and that means the more relaxed you can be in your classes, not worrying constantly.

Tip #2: Go to one of the many excellent resources provided by the Campus

If you are someone who is afraid of speaking with another individual about certain issues, or if you are confused about anything, there are plenty of amazing resources provided by the campus that can help achieve and complete those issues. Some people believe they will look dumb in front of others if they were to ask a question; well, I am happy to say that no one would think that if that situation were to occur. For universities, there are always services from tutoring to even counseling services that help in so many ways to provide for the students.

Tip #3: Be confident in yourself! ^-^

For some, they might have a lot of pressure when they first step into the college doors and are afraid they’ll sooner or later upset those that are close to them. It may be hard sometimes, but what is really helpful is when you tell yourself that everything will be okay and that you will overcome any difficult obstacles. If you are confident in yourself, it proves that you know that you know or tried your hardest in any priorities and that no one should really judge what you did, whether correct or incorrect. You know yourself better than anyone else and only you can direct yourself to the right path.


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