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The Student Recreation and Wellness Center, also just known as the “rec” or gym

by students, offers a variety of fitness classes. Personally, I hate having to make a

workout plan, so I enjoy someone telling me what I need to do. There is a weekly

schedule of classes ranging from calm yoga to hardcore boxing. They are still

holding these classes, despite the virtual semesters with the obvious requirement

for a mask and social distancing. The gym is making sure to up the sanitation and

holds them in more open spaces, which has made me feel much safer. All of the

equipment is provided, so you just need to bring yourself and probably some water.

In my freshman year, I fell in love with spin. They are 45-minute classes on a

stationary bike that consists of changing your resistance, sprints, standing up and

down, and anything else the instructor has planned. I would go at least twice a

week because they played such good music while still putting you through a tough

workout. I dragged everyone I knew to come with me, but they definitely got

annoyed by my obsession after a week of me rambling about it. If you happen to

attend and Riley is teaching, let him know I sent you ;)

Currently, my favorite classes are HIIT and Friday boot camp classes. HIIT

stands for high-intensity interval training. I started getting into it during quarantine

so, when the gym opened I was excited they had this class. Bootcamp is a specifically

targeted class that switches between legs, abs, arms, or full body. The hard thirty-minute workout is the equivalent of a low-impact two-hour workout. It definitely

gets the job done! Every time we finish I am drenched in sweat in the question of how

I survived. If you are not into working out with other people, I recommend using

our gym amenities regardless because students get in for free and there really is

something for everyone!

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