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Top 3 Places to Study on Campus

Ayrton Yamaguchi

While in college you will be searching for a place to study for your next quiz, midterm, final, or a place to just be productive. Here are my top 3 places to study and be productive on campus.

#3 Study Rooms in Resident Halls

In every building, there is a room that is used for studying and is an amazing place to be productive within your residence hall. This is a great option if you are doing homework late at night when the library is closed and you still need to finish some assignments. This is also a good option if you just want to stay in the residence hall and you are having issues studying in your dorm. The study rooms offer tables with office chairs as well as sofas with coffee tables to suit whatever studying style works best for you. The study rooms also feature huge floor-to-ceiling windows that capture the beautiful natural sunlight that is so common in Vegas. The rooms also have a community whiteboard in case you and your fellow residents have a big math equation to do you can use this board to figure it out on a bigger slate.

#2 The Lied Library

Number 2 on my list is Lied Library, it has 5 floors and gives you virtually everything you need to be productive as there are group study rooms, quiet study rooms, as well as windows and apple computers free to use all you need is your ACE ID. Lied Library is one of the best places to study because it has options for whatever you are looking for whether that is a place you and friends can work out a group project or if you’re looking to just find a quiet place on campus to study they have large rooms with book stacks and tables to really focus. The library also has numerous free things to borrow that can be a lifesaver in a pinch. The library offers free checkouts of Books (obviously because it is still a library), Laptops, Tripods, Scissors, Rulers, Anatomical models, Recording Equipment, chargers for your phone, etc. Lied Library is a one-stop-shop for productivity.

#1 Hospitality Building

The hospitality building comes in #1 for the best place to study because the hospitality building combines an amazing study space while also being able to catch some rays. The hospitality building gives a spacious 4th floor that is partially outdoors for those who want a partially covered outdoor space to study. But the hospitality building also offers chic bar tables to study throughout the building. But if you don't want to sit outside in the Vegas sun you can opt indoors or the covered tables just north of the hospitality building where it is frequently in the shade. This building also features comfortable lounge chairs on every floor, the hospitality building is also a great place to study for a long time because there are numerous outlets to keep your computer and phone at full charge.

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