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Top 3 Places to Study on Campus (for people who can’t do quiet)

As a student who lives off campus, I find it to be the most beneficial to stay on campus after classes or to get to campus early before classes to study and get my assignments done. Throughout my first year here at UNLV, I spent a lot of time finding the best places for me to study efficiently. Personally, I can’t focus well in areas that are too silent, so places like quiet study on the third and fourth floor of the library just did not work for me. If you also can not focus in deafening silence, here are my top 3 places I have found that work best for me!

3. The Alumni Amphitheatre

This outdoor spot is located directly west of the Flora Dungan Humanities building. My friends and I enjoy coming to this area to study when we do not have that big of a workload and can handle being without an outlet for our chargers. What’s nice about this area is that it is very open and super close to the Student Union, where you can grab a quick break to eat or even hang out in the game room. The prime time to study in this area is around 4pm. This is when campus begins to slow down a bit and becomes a relaxing space. However, during the afternoons there are can often times be booths or events set up and it can be distracting when trying to do your work.

2. The Fifth Floor of the Lied Library

With Lied Library being a modern library, it makes it very beneficial when you want to

study in a large area with friends. The fifth floor has various areas such as booths, couch chairs, group study rooms, and even cubicles if you rather study alone. I also love that there is a Coffee Bean shop downstairs in case you need a recharge. The fifth floor also has computers, large white boards, and a printer. I like to come here with my friends when doing collaborative projects and assignments because it is easy to talk freely on this floor since it is not a quiet study space. However, it does get pretty packed in the afternoons so it can be difficult to find areas to sit. In the mornings from about 8 AM to10 AM and after 4 PM, it is emptier.

1. Hospitality Building

In my personal opinion, the Hospitality Hall is by far the best place to study! My favorite floor to visit is the fourth floor because the balcony has a beautiful view of the strip! The balcony also has a pretty decent amount of chairs and tables plus a few outlets for chargers as well. Sometimes it can get too hot to study up there but that is okay because each floor within the Hospitality Building also has a variety of tables and chairs that can be utilized as study spaces as well. It also has the best bathrooms and air conditioning as well.

Those are just a few of my favorite areas on campus to study and recommendations for those of you like me who can’t focus in areas that are too quiet. As you move along with your days at UNLV, you will eventually find your own study places and favorite spots that work best for you. Happy studying!


Gabby DiSi

Orientation Leader

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