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WOCC Up and Joined a New Club

Becoming more involved in clubs and organizations in college is one of the reasons why school is magnificent. Not only do all clubs and organizations welcome you with open arms, but they love bringing new members into their group. Whether it is an organization that promotes a love for pizza or volunteering in the local community, UNLV has it all.

Recently, I had the opportunity of joining one astonishing club that ensures diversity and inclusiveness in every aspect. Womxn of Color Coalition (or W.O.C.C.) works to create unity across boundaries, as well as empower women of color to build pride and self-worth. filled with members that understand the pressure of upholding societal standards as women. Not only does W.O.C.C. have councils for each different ethnic group, such as LatinX and AAPI, but they have worked with UNLV’s Men of Color Alliance (or M.O.C.A.). W.O.C.C. is a committed and dedicated organization at UNLV.

From its organization's start in September of 2019 to now, W.O.C.C.has had so many spectacular events. Whether it was the Valentine's Mixer (for Valentine's Day) or their Soothe Your Soul meeting, all of their events and meetings were lively in all aspects. They'll bring an enjoyable time while also discussing different paradigms that Womxn of Color live through every day.

Since Summer is starting, Womxn of Color Coalition is preparing for an exciting Fall Semester. Whatever they have in store, it will for sure be worth going to check out. For now, you can explore the different things W.O.C.C. have had in the past, as well as future plans on their Instagram @unlvwocc. This is an organization worth exploring.

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