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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Navigate Your Journey as a Double Major

Entering college, one of the biggest decisions that you will make is choosing your major. This is the time when you will be investing your time and effort into a career path that you hope to work in once you graduate! But, what happens if you have more than one area of interest?


Well, have no fear! You can always double major! Now, what necessarily does having a double major mean? Logistically, double majoring means that you have not only completed the 120 credit hours necessary for obtaining one bachelor's degree, but you have completed 150 credits satisfying the requirements for two degrees. SO, what this means is that if you have the desire, interest, and motivation to go into two areas of study: you can!


Now, you may be thinking some of the following thoughts:

“That seems like a CRAZY amount of work”

“I’ll never be able to finish in four years”

“Is it even worth it?”

Well, let’s break it down!

Is there more work involved? Is it impossible to do?


Naturally, if you want to leave UNLV with two degrees, it will require more work. You’re going to be taking classes that fulfill the requirements for two degrees when it comes down to it 30 more credits (roughly between 8 and 11 more classes). This also may mean that you will have to take heavier course loads both Fall and Spring semesters (17 or 18 credits instead of 15 or 16 credits) or pick up some summer classes if you’re able to. You can navigate which classes you have to take and how many you will take, but take however many works for YOU that won’t leave you overwhelmed. But, is it impossible? Of course not! If you’re willing to put in the work, you will achieve your goal!

“Can I finish in four years still?”


Yes, you can! What’s the key to this you may ask? Talk to your advisors! You will be given two different advisors, one for each college that you are a part of. If you meet with each of your advisors before registering for classes each semester they will work with you to help you to take classes that complete requirement for BOTH of your majors! They can help you minimize your stress, and maximize your time at UNLV to achieve your goals! So, if you want to stay within a four-year window that is definitely a can-do. (:

“Is it really worth it?”


The decision is yours! For me, my journey as a double major thus far (and I am about to go into my third year) has been fantastic! I’ve been able to learn from different students and faculty from both the College of Hospitality and the College of Fine Arts. I’ve been able to expand my knowledge of both of my potential career fields, met some incredible people, and am looking forward to all of the amazing experiences to come. Before you make your decision, here are a few things to consider:

  • Will I be comfortable with the additional requirements that I will have to fulfill?

  • Will pursuing two degrees cause me to exert myself?

  • What are some possible jobs/positions that I would like to potentially hold in the future? Will holding these degrees help me in my goal of holding those titles?

  • What doors could this open for me throughout my undergraduate degree?

  • Will I be working while attending school at any point?

  • Do I want to join any student organizations?

I wish you the best of luck at the beginning of your journey here at UNLV. Welcome home, rebels!

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